Do you ever feel like you are living in a pressure cooker? The world around us is filled with so many things which bring about stress, regardless of age and position in life from school to work to retirement to bills and on we could go! The letter of James can speak to various points of pressure we experience in life. We will look at some of these as we engage in a study by Chip Henderson entitled Pressure Points. This study book is designed to help deal with such things as temptation, partiality, words, conflict and the desire to retaliate when done wrong. Please join us on Sunday nights at 6:00.

  09/08/13Session 1Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  09/15/13Session 2Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  09/22/13Session 3Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  10/06/13Session 4Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  10/13/13Session 5Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  10/20/13Session 6Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  10/27/13Session 7Dr. Stephen Hearne