Questions and Hope:
Trying to Find Answers in Everyday Life

Stephen Reese writes that “people in the 21st century are spiritually challenged.  With so many crosscutting cultural and social pressures, it takes dedicated work to build an honest faith”.  According to major polls on religion, moat persons yearn for some level of meaning, for a spiritual faith which nourishes and sustains us through times when we experience loss, fear, doubt, and for a faith that brings a greater sense of joy.  But, where and how do we find that?


This study will explore questions which arise in life and for which there may not be easy answers.  We will seek to look honestly at many different questions and situations and attempt to find hope for everyday living – even within the uncertainty of our world.


  Session 1: Where do we start?
Christian Theism
Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  Session 2: What is Christian Theism and Prime Reality; Also, The World and Human NatureDr. Stephen Hearne 
  Session 3: The World and Human Nature (Continued)Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  Session 4: Casting Burdens and Sufferings?Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  Session 5: Casting Burdens and Sufferings? (Continued)Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  Session 6: AgingDr. Stephen Hearne 
  Session 7: Aging (continued)Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  Session 8: God's light in our darknessDr. Stephen Hearne