It’s Time to begin a missional journey together!


So what is this about?  I want to quote from Daniel Vestal and Bo Prosser on what the missional journey means.  “God is on a mission of cosmic redemption and reconciliation.  The triune God invites us to participate in that mission.  Those of us who experience grace become expressions of grace…transformed into Christlikeness so that we can be instruments of transformation…nothing is more crucial and critical than for each church to discover and discern how it will be a continuing incarnation of Christ in its setting.” - Daniel Vestal. 


“Missional Christians are God’s ambassadors in the world.  We are filled with a passion and an intentionality of focus that leads us to be the presence of Christ with those around us…with those next door, across the street, and around the world…God always takes us ‘ordinary’ folk and leads us to do ‘extraordinary’ ministries.”
– Bo Prosser.


It’s Time is a study that will help persons discern the call of God to be the presence of Christ as we live lives of missionary service.  Come and join the journey!

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