Study of Basic Christian Doctrine


What do you believe about God, Jesus, the Bible, human nature, salvation, or the end of the world? How did you arrive at those beliefs? What are the basic principles that govern Christian belief and practice? This study is an introduction to beliefs and principles that are common among Christians and that are essentials for understanding form where they came and how they shape Christian living. We will seek to understand the origins and importance of such topics as God, the Bible, Jesus, human nature, redemption, the church, and eschatology. You are invited to share in the brief journey together as we strive to be better informed and better equipped for Christian living.

  06/28/09Session OneDr. Stephen Hearne 
  07/05/09Session TwoDr. Stephen Hearne 
  07/12/09Session ThreeDr. Stephen Hearne 
  07/19/09Session FourDr. Stephen Hearne 
  07/26/09Session FiveDr. Stephen Hearne 
  08/09/09Session SixDr. Stephen Hearne 
  08/16/09Session SevenDr. Stephen Hearne 
  08/23/09Session EightDr. Stephen Hearne 
  09/06/09Session NineDr. Stephen Hearne 
  09/13/09Session TenDr. Stephen Hearne 
  09/27/09Session ElevenDr. Stephen Hearne 
  10/04/09Session TwelveDr. Stephen Hearne 
  10/25/09Session ThirteenDr. Stephen Hearne