Job:  Into the Fire, Out of the Ashes

How many times have you faced tragedy in life?  How often have you asked the question, Why?  Have you ever been angry or disappointed with God.  Do you wonder if it is okay to express disappointment, complaints, or frustration to God?  Have you wondered if God is listening or watching you during times of distress.  Have you cried to God only to sense silence in return?  All of these and more are part of what we might call “The Job Experience”.  


When we think of Job, we most often think of his patience.  Yet, as Tony Cartledge states, Job’s story is really not about patience but about theology – how one seeks to understand God and God’s ways.  Through this study, perhaps we can find new ways to approach God and to expand our understandings of God and relationships with God – especially through difficult times.  Perhaps we can find our way through the fires of living and emerge from the ashes in new ways.

  01/20/08IntroductionDr. Stephen Hearne 
  02/03/08Innocent Suffering?Dr. Stephen Hearne 
  02/10/08Questioning GodDr. Stephen Hearne 
  02/17/08Shallow TheologyDr. Stephen Hearne 
  02/24/08Retribution TheologyDr. Stephen Hearne 
  03/02/08Continued ConversationsDr. Stephen Hearne 
  03/09/08A Daring MandateDr. Stephen Hearne