Being Baptist Study

Who are we?  What are our roots?  What do we believe?  Isnít there just one Baptist way?  These are legitimate questions regardless of one's religious background.  Some need to learn about Baptist beliefs and heritage for the first time, and all who have been Baptists for any length of time need occasional reminders about our Baptist Christian heritage.  In order to assist us in this, we are studying how we are to be true Baptist Christians.  You may click on the links below to hear any session as we revisit our Baptist heritage and beliefs.

Session 1 

June 25, 2006
Session 2 

July 2, 2006
Session 3 

July 9, 2006
Session 4 

July 23, 2006
Session 5 

Aug. 6, 2006
Session 6 

Aug. 13, 2006